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Ejaculation Freedom First Hand Review

Ejaculation Freedom Review

If you’ve spent any time at all researching ways to last longer there’s a good chance that you have heard about the Ejaculation Freedom training program by Dan Becket. It’s an interesting option for guys who have trouble with premature ejaculation as an alternative to the doctor, drugs, or dick spray route that many men think they need to take.

Although I have never had a problem with severe premature ejaculation I felt I could do with a bit of help to add a few extra minutes to my sexual performance so I purchased the online version of Ejaculation Freedom and I’m pleased to say I have finished all the modules.

So now I can give the Ejaculation Freedom program a thorough review based on my personal experience and tell you guys what’s good, what’s not, and whether or not you should invest your valuable time and money in this premature ejaculation training program.

My Situation

Before I get to the review proper I should tell you about where I’m coming from, so to speak because my situation is probably going to be different from most guys who buy this program.

I would last about an average of 5 minutes during sex (can’t believe I’m broadcasting this all over the internet). That’s not the fastest sex in the world, but it’s a long way from where I wanted to be and wasn’t getting the job done with my girlfriend at the time. Yes, there were complaints and it kinda sucked.

I have since discovered that there are many guys with severe premature ejaculation who cannot even last for 30 seconds and some who finish upon penetration. So I’m not sure how my experience with the Ejaculation Freedom program will differ from those guys who have it much worse than I did.

What Is A Premature Ejaculation Training Program?

The program is really just a downloadable PDF file that contains a book consisting of training modules.

I think the idea behind the project is to try to give guys the same kind of training as they would get if they booked face-to-face sessions with Dan personally and I think it does a pretty good job of that as most of what you learn and practice is best done in private anyway.

Although there’s quite a lot covered in the guide I felt that I could pick up most of the concepts and techniques on my own without needing any help. So I think for most guys the downloadable guide will be just as (or almost as) beneficial as private coaching. 

There are about 8 or 9 main classes of exercises that you work your way through. Although they all vary a lot they are all geared towards helping you recognize when you are losing control and training you to be able to cool yourself down without needing to stop.

I won’t go into a whole lot of detail in this article as the official website goes into a lot of detail about what the program is all about.

How Long Did It Take To Complete?

On the website, they say that the program can be completed in 4 weeks and I think that that is pretty accurate.  It took me about 3 weeks which is mostly because I worked my way through the early components pretty quickly. I guess I found it pretty easy to start with.

I noticed my control during sex increasing pretty rapidly so I didn’t bother slowing down to the official schedule.

I do live on my own which I guess made it easier to find “alone time” to do the training. So for some guys who don’t have the same opportunities, it may take a bit longer to finish all the training and exercises fully.

My Results

To be honest, before I read this explainer by Dan and started reading through the program I wasn’t really expecting much from this guide. After all how much can a book really help me last longer in bed I thought?

But to my fairly scientific mind, the way everything was explained made a lot of sense.

After the 3 weeks, it took to complete everything except a couple of the more advanced training exercises my average time having sex went up from about 5 minutes each time to 10-20 minutes. Sometimes I feel I could go for quite a bit longer if I wanted to but I had already brought my partner to orgasm.m and about 15 minutes is a pretty good time for both of us anyway.

Value For Money

I don’t think this is going to be much of a concern for most guys as this is a pretty important part of life. I purchased the program for $129, however, it looks like it is currently on sale for only $49 from the download page. Not sure how long it will last but either way it’s very good value especially when compared to what you’d spend for private lessons of visiting a doctor.

What Other Premature Ejaculation Books Are Recommended?

For ejaculatory training, I don’t think you’ll be needing any other books after you’ve completed this one. But to improve your all-around sexual abilities there are many great books out there. Here’s a list of books on sex and relationships where you may find something useful.

I can also personally recommend “She Comes First” as an extra bit of help to satisfy your woman.

Where To Download The Ejaculation Freedom PDF?

As far as I could tell the Ejaculation Freedom book in PDF form is only available directly from Dan’s site. Here’s the download and the purchase link.

Good luck, and I hope it works for you just as well. If you have finished the program please let us all know how it went in the comments.







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